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Why is it Necessary to Purchase the Right Web Hosting Plan to Run Your website Online

All the websites you browse online employ hosting that ensures their online presence. A web host is a place where you store your website’s important files to make sure its online consistency. This post is dedicated to those wanting to know about web hosting and its different types.

What is web host?

If you are thinking to start your business online, you would need to find the right web hosting plan to make this reality. Upon contacting web hosting service provider, you can be confused with different types of web hosting as which one can better meet your requirements. Shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting are the most common types of web hosting. A web hosting is a server where you store your important files to ensure your online presence. You enjoy server’s resources such as RAM, bandwidth and storage space based on your hosting plan.

Global computer network. Hi-res digitally generated image.

Shared web hosting

As its name suggests, you share everything including server’s resources with others users present on the same server. It’s the cheapest type of web hosting that attracts newbies wanting to make their online presence. But you get limited features and authorizes with a shared hosting plan. If your aim is to run a website with low-to-medium traffic, shared web hosting could do the job. But if your need powerful hosting to run heavy website with high traffic levels, you should consider other types of hosting such as dedicated server hosting or VPS hosting to better accommodate your needs.

Dedicated server hosting

A dedicated server hosting is a special server allotted to only single user. You get special features and full control over everything. Due to powerful resources, your website runs smoothly and efficiently, no matter how heavy the traffic is.  With a dedicated server hosting plan, you have complete authority of doing anything. So, dedicated server hosting is an ideal option for those wanting to run heavy website.


VPS hosting

A virtual private server hosting is a type of hosting consisting of a physical machine that comprises of multiple virtual compartments. It’s a mid-choice between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. At affordable rate, you enjoy more features like a dedicated server hosting.

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