Mistakes to avoid when Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

When it comes to choose a hosting service for your website or blog but for the very first time, you have to consider several things to choose the right host for you. You must do this process very carefully because the future of your website will depend on the hosting service that you will choose. You can choose the right hosting provider by avoiding the under given mistakes.

Buying Hosting and Domain from Same Seller

Don’t do a quick decision to register your domain and hosting on the same website. Usually hosting providers offers a free domain with a hosting package, you might save $10-$15 for single time but in future when you’d need to change the hosting plan you might have to face issue. However, some of the domain registrars are not same. I have good experience with namecheap.


Choose a Package without Back Up Solution

When it comes to buy a hosting plan, backup is one of the most essential things to consider. Never choose a hosting plan that doesn’t offer any backup. Backup must be a top feature of your selected web hosting package. It helps you keep your website data safe from any hacking or malware attack.

Paying Extra Amount

There are several hosting plans usually offer monthly discounts, do not forget to grab that discounted price. When it comes to buy a hosting plan ask the support for the discount coupon or search by your own. This way you can save some of your money.

Not Choosing Free Support Package

Usually most of the hosting companies offers free 24/7 customer support. However, a few of the hosting providers charge extra for live chat support. Do not forget to do a special check about the customer support section of the website. Try to grab the hosting service with free customer support, however if you are going with paid support hosting there should not be any hidden charges.


Choosing a Hosting Package without Refund Policy

Most probably the hosting plans offer refund in case of any issue or not compatibility with your requirements. However, a few of the hosts do not offer any refund. Be careful about choosing a hosting service that doesn’t offer any refund. So, if you have some special requirements go with a hosting service that offers refund.

Final Words: Must do a check of above points, because a hosting provider is the essential part of your website to rank higher and stay connected with your audience.

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