Best PBN Hosting Solutions for 2017

When it comes to start an affiliate website, Private Blog Network is one of the integral things to generate quality links on high domain authority websites. A Private Blog Network is also known as PBN, which is one of the widely used SEO techniques being used by affiliate markets. A PBN requires different hosts to run different high authority websites.


Here’s we will cover some of the basic hosts that would be a perfect solution for your PBN hosting in 2017. There are several cheap hosting plans available that offers cheap $1-3 hosts.

These are easy to go with and have good deals to get low cost hosting using discount coupons. The PBN requires unique IP, NameServer and SOA emails.

However, sometime the management drawback happens with all of them that is uptime issue. When your PBN would grow over 30 domains you might have to face issues like, slow or non-existent support, that suddenly go out of business.

Cloud Based PBN Hosting Solutions

This type of hosting is getting popular over the last few years. A large number of affiliate marketers who are selling amazon, clickbank or commission junction’s products are using these hosting plans. Using could base PBN you can change your network and change IPs.

Best SEO Hosting

Easy Blog Networks

Easy Blog Network or EBN is not very popular solution for PBN host. It is a service which allows you to create larger networks of websites. Using EBN service you will be able to separate your network and change IPs.

Name Brand Shared Hosting from Reputable Providers

BlueHost, HostGattor, GoDaddy, NameCheap, A small Orange and websites like these are the websites that offers quality hosting. These are some of my own experience hosting providers. If you are facing some uptime issues and wants to get rid of this problem. These hosts will be a great solution for you. They offer excellent uptime and along with 24/7 support.

However, these could be somehow expansive and costs you over $3/month. These hosts will also help you to be saved from the Google’s algorithmic factors. Many SEO experts have to avoid these just because of high price, but if you have over $200/month budget to run a PBN these hosts will be best solution.

The Verdict: Most probably this will be the safest solution but depend on the affordability. This is best if you have big PBN that contains over 50 domains.

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