The Basic Guide to Web Hosting

Are you new in the online world and having trouble understanding why web hosting is essential for a website? This article is dedicated to those wanting to know everything about web host.

What is Website Hosting?

Whenever we browse a website, what we see is usually a web page containing specific information or content that’s downloaded from web server onto our web browser. A web site is comprised of multiple web pages, with each containing specific content and graphic images. All these pages require some space to be shown online anywhere in the world. Therefore, web hosting is required to store your website media files and to run it smoothly and efficiently. There’re different types of web host that you can select anyone of them after assessing your needs.


Below are some of the major types of hosting that are quite popular these days;

Shared Web Hosting

As its name suggests, shared web hosting is a type of hosting in which there’re multiple users present on the same server. With shared web hosting, you have limited resources such as less storage space, RAM and bandwidth that are sufficient to run a website with low-to-medium traffic levels. It’s an ideal option for beginners wanting to start their online journey.

VPS Web Hosting

A virtual private server hosting is a virtual machine designed to provide internet hosting services. It has its own operating system so users can enjoy a great using experience. With VPS hosting, you can install any software that can run on that operating system. It’s halfway between a dedicated server hosting and shared web hosting.


Dedicated Web Hosting

It would be no wrong saying a dedicated web hosting is truly dedicated to your website. You’re the only one using the server’s resources and have the complete control over everything. It’s a great choice for websites with high traffic levels. But it’s a little expensive than those shared and VPS hosting. You get exclusive features and authorities to install any software without any problem.

Cloud Hosting

Behind the cloud hosting are virtual servers that pull their computing resources from physical web servers. With cloud web hosting, uses can scale up/down its capacity based on their requirements. It’s quite popular among users due it its exclusive benefits.

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